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Daily Drawdown:
The daily drawdown is calculated as 4% of your start of day balance for the One Phase Challenges and 6% for the Two Phase Challenges.
This calculation must include any floating losses, swaps and commission rates. This limit will be reset at midnight as per the server time.

Example 1: Starting balance of $100,000,
You trade and secure a profit of +$2000, your account balance currently sits $102,000.
The following day your maximum daily loss must now not exceed 4% of that previous days balance ($102,000 - 4% = $97,920) $4,080 max daily loss.

Day 2 you trade and incur a loss of -$1000 bringing your account balance down to $101,000.
The following day your maximum daily loss must not exceed 4% of that previous days balance ($101,000 - 4% = $96,960) $4,040 max daily loss.

Max Drawdown:
The max drawdown on any Single Phase Evaluation is 6% of your initial account balance. This means your account equity cannot fall below 94% of the initial balance at any point.
The max drawdown on any Two Phase Evaluation is 12% of your initial account balance. This means your account equity cannot fall below 88% of the initial balance at any point.

It is important to note that the max drawdown limit does not reset like the daily drawdown limit.

There are no ongoing fees to use the platform.

We are partnered with Eightcap as our broker to offer industry leading spreads and commissions for traders. To simulate trading conditions we include their commissions and optimized market conditions including spreads. 

Once you transition to a live funded trader, you must engage in trading with us for a minimum of 30 days to qualify for your initial payout. After that, you can request bi-weekly payouts.

No, Invlyft does not impose any time constraints on the assessment stage. Therefore, traders have an unlimited duration to successfully complete the challenge.

There are no profit targets required to be reached on the live funded account. However, the account must end in a positive balance at the end of the 30-day trading period to make a withdrawal.

Yes, you are allowed to use EA’s and indicators, including tools for managing risk and automated trading systems. However, certain strategies are strictly prohibited in the funded stage:

-High-frequency trading (manually or using a bot)

-Hedge arbitrage trading

-Tick scalping

-Grid Trading


-One-sided betting

-Latency arbitrage trading

-Reverse arbitrage trading

-Copying trades from other traders

If any of these strategies are detected in your live account, it will be considered a violation of the rules and Invlyft will terminate your account. 

The purpose of the evaluation is for us to make sure that you are a consistent trader without any capital risk. As our evaluation is set up to test your trading without risking capital, you cannot withdraw profits on this phase.

Invlyft was founded by experienced traders and liquidity risk managers. We see $240.000 as an optimal maximum amount of capital before excess levels of slippage and poor trade conditions not suited to retail traders will set in.

We classify our live traders as independent contractors. As such you invoice us for your earnings and must report this yourself to your relevant tax authority.

Yes, as we are on the lookout for individual traders and often make payouts to bank account for our live traders. As such accounts must be created in your own name. 

You must be 18 years or older to join this site. Due to regulatory conditions, we are unable to offer services with traders residing in the following countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Myanmar, Russia (or the Crimea, Donetsk or Luhansk regions of Ukraine), Somalia and Syria. The provision of services is not extended to individuals who appear on sanction lists, possess criminal records associated with financial crime, terrorism, or have been previously prohibited due to breach of contract, with no allowances.

As of 20th February 2024, residents of the United States are unable to purchase challenges on this site. US citizens residing outside the US who possess a valid resident ID may still continue to use the services.

Yes, traders are allowed to trade news. We would recommend being careful and using proper risk management.

Yes our program allows for weekend and overnight holding of trades.

Invlyft utilizes Eightcap as its designated broker.

Copying the trades of other users is not permitted. While you can use trade copiers to duplicate your own trades onto your Invlyft account, please exercise caution to avoid inadvertently mirroring other clients' trades. Your Invlyft account can either act as the primary account or receive trades from your other accounts.

However, it's essential to ensure that you do not place identical orders simultaneously with other traders on our platform. This situation can arise when using common Expert Advisors (EAs), account management services, or third-party signals. If our system detects consecutive identical orders from two or more users, it is considered a violation of our policies. This rule holds particular importance during the funded trading stage. Although EAs are allowed, we strongly recommend using a unique set of parameters or confirming that no other traders are using the same EA on our servers. This precaution helps prevent our system from flagging duplicate orders.

As we are evaluating the trading of individuals you are solely responsible for your account login details. If you share account passwords with others it will violate our terms and conditions and as such it is not permitted.

Invlyft offers accounts with 1:50 leverage.

Profit Consistency:
We apply a 25% profit consistency rule for One Step Challenge, a 50% profit consistency rule for Two Step Challenge therefore upon payout withdrawal request no single trade can account for more than 25% or 50% accordingly of your total profit.
For example: If by the end of a 30 day period, your account has a total profit of $10,000, then no single trade can account for more than 50% of $10,000, which is $5,000.
Once a payout withdrawal request is submitted any trades breaching this rule will be considered a soft breach and we will remove the invalid trades while keeping account access.

Lot Size Consistency:
The lot size consistency rule is applied once a payout withdrawal request has been submitted, to ensure consistency within your trading. To satisfy the Lot Size Consistency Rule your average trade size is used to calculate your trading range. The range is determined by adding 100% to your average trade size to determine the maximum value and subtracting 75% to determine the minimum value.
Once a payout withdrawal request is submitted any trades breaching this rule will be considered a soft breach and we will remove the invalid trades while keeping account access.

Note: trades are aggregated when placed within a 30 second window into one position for both profit and lot consistency.

You can expect to receive your account login information within 5 minutes of your payment. Upon the successful creation of your account, you will be notified via email. If you do not locate our email in your inbox, kindly check your spam/junk folder.

Certainly, as an acknowledgment of your expertise and accomplishment, Invlyft will provide you with a certificate.

After passing the evaluation, the next step is to undergo the Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure within the My Profile section of your account. Typically, our team reviews this process within 1-3 business days. If your KYC review encounters issues or fails, please send an email to

If you come across this situation, please reach out to our support team through email at We'll provide the necessary assistance to address this concern.

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