Imagine you’re an excellent driver, but you don’t own a car. You know all the road rules. You’ve passed every test with flying colours. You’re confident you can navigate any terrain. Then, a company sees your potential. They offer you a top-of-the-line vehicle. It is fully equipped for driving. All you have to do is prove you can handle it. This is the essence of a funded account in trading.

Understanding Funded Accounts

A funded account is a trading account. A proprietary trading firm, like Invlyft, provides a funded account. Instead of using your own money to trade, you trade with the firm’s capital. This means that, after showing your trading skills then you get access to much more funds than you might have. This lets you trade on a larger scale and possibly earn higher profits.

How Forex Funded Accounts Works?

Here’s a step-by-step of how funded accounts work:

  1. Evaluation Phase: You start by proving your trading skills. This usually involves passing an evaluation. You trade on a demo account following set rules and targets from the prop firm. Think of this as your driving test.
  2. Once you pass the evaluation and then prop firm funds you. They give you a live account. This is like being handed the keys to that company car.
  3. Trading with the Funded Account: You trade with the firm’s money. You aim to generate profits. The firm monitors your performance. They do this to ensure you follow their risk guidelines.
  4. Profit Sharing: You and the prop firm split the profits from your trading. Each firm has its own profit-sharing model. But, it’s common to see traders keeping a large portion of the profits. With invlyft, it is up to 90% or more.

Benefits of Funded Accounts

  1. Access to more capital is a big advantage. You are not limited by your funds. You can trade larger and diversify.
  2. Risk Management: Trading with a funded account involves less personal financial risk. If you lose, you’re not losing your own money. This can ease the psychological pressure of trading.
  3. Prop firms often provide extra resources. These include educational materials and mentorship. They help you improve your trading skills and strategies.
  4. Successful traders can earn much more. They can do so with the larger capital with profit-sharing model of the firm and this potential is higher than what they could earn with their own limited funds.

Invlyft’s Funded Account Program

At Invlyft, we offer a funded account program. It is designed to support and elevate aspiring traders.

Our program includes:


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